Other domain names

What is in a name?
Here are some dandies (all available) that we came up with:

hard to find domain name
Harware Thought Foundry Development Networking
Hacking Thought Fronting Dastardly Nuances
Horrendous Theiving Fucking Dick Name
Helping Through Fine Development Network
Harmonious Theory Fine Domain Name

kfwsw.com (I like this one)
kungfu web software
Kilobyte Fryer Software
Kilobye Flyer Web SW
Kilobytes of Fine SoftWare
kfswd.com (and this one)
kung fu web software
Kentucky Fried Software

gakd.com (this one is good)

How much does a website cost?
“Forgive me, I may not say it.’ – Caine to a woman
‘Yet I might like to hear it.'” – woman


get away kitty development
GNU Always Kool (or Kind) Development
Genuine Anheuser Karate Drink
Grand Acknowledgement Development
Gorgeous Awkward Kitten Development
Galactic Award Klan Development
Grungy Alligator Karat Development
Gentle Awesome Kaon Directive
God Aweful Kook Devleopment

cldsw.com (this is ok)
cute little doggie software

scswd.com (this one has potential)
surgery contstruction software development
So Cal SofWare Devel
strategic capital sw development

internet shiny black bike development

w3swd.com (whatever, too techy maybe)
www software development

licswd.com (I dont’ liek “L” cus it’s lower case looks ambiguously like an I or a 1.)
Linux Is Cool Software Development

Go SoftWare Development
Galactic Overloard SW Development
Granpa Off Smoking Weed Development
Get Off Software Dev
God On Speed Web Dev